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TATTOO's first print run will be hand-numbered & limited to 100 copies.

***Shipping Note***
If your order includes preorders or reprints, your copy of Tattoo will ship with those games in October 2023

What is TATTOO?

TATTOO is a roleplaying game about tattoo artists, their clients, and the reality TV show that puts them in the spotlight. It's lightweight, GM-less, and can be played without any prep or study.

It's also a competitive party game of deduction, gambling, and competitive doodling.

And it's a remix of Taboo, the classic guessing game. (Taboo. Tattoo. You get it.)

TATTOO players take on three roles:

As the Artists, they'll be the stars of the show. Players will flex their design muscles, craft killer tattoos for their clients, and compete for success and prestige.

As the Clients, they'll be the tattoo parlor's celebrity guests, trying -- and frequently failing -- to communicate their artistic visions to a team of artists.

As the Producers, players will keep the show moving, acting as host, judge, and DJ. (Instead of a traditional timer, TATTOO employs a playlist of 36 killer punk & hop-hop tracks to keep the energy high and the drawing time limited.)


TATTOO is a game for 5-10 players & takes 1-2 hours to play. Players will need:
  • A copy of the game book & the player sheets​
  • A deck of Taboo cards
  • Some drawing materials
  • A big pile of little tokens: pennies, pebbles, buttons, etc.
  • A few six-sided dice
  • Some speakers -- the louder the better -- and access to the game's soundtrack (available on Spotify​ & Apple Music​)


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