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Fake Chess: Book of Champions

$16.00 - $20.00
FAKE CHESS is being reprinted.
Your discounted copy will ship October 2023.

"Wildly original"
Matt Jarvis, Dicebreaker Editor-in-Chief

"An absolute delight of a game"
Jay Dragon, designer of Wanderhome

"A ludicrous game of pretend"
Oscar, The Ugly Monster

* * *

Chess is a game of vast complexity and a 1500-year history.

Fake Chess is not.

Fake Chess players use a very basic set of rules and mechanics to live out their grandmaster fantasies by acting like serious chess players, engaging in what looks like an intense battle without the burdens of chess strategy, knowledge, or skill.

With the BOOK OF CHAMPIONS at the table, players can now embody specific characters with unique moves, strategies, and play styles.
  • Grind your way to riches as The City Park Hustler
  • Guide your protégé as The Benevolent Mentor
  • Pop some pills and stare at the ceiling as The Drug-Addled Queen
  • Giggle your way to victory as The Child Prodigy
  • Nurse your hangover as The Haggard Celeb
  • Chill your opponent's heat as The Icy Russian
  • Take your time as The Cerebral Snail
  • Dazzle and charm as The Magnanimous Hottie
  • Help (and annoy) new players as The Wizardly Tutor
  • Beep and bloop as The Chess Computer
  • Take a life as The Angel of Death
  • Get meta as The Fake Chess Player

It's dramatic. It is silly.

It might be a real game, but it's definitely fake chess.

* * *

"It's rare that a game makes me laugh out loud. This really is a brilliant game, there's no other word for it."
Alex Rinehart (Cyberrats, Gratitude) on the original Fake Chess

* * *

Fake Chess: Book of Champions requires a real chess set.

While the Book of Champions contains 33 new game boards that are fully compatible with the original Fake Chess, players do not need to own the original game to play.

* * *
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