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Long Haul 1983
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It’s 1983, and the world feels hollowed out.

LONG HAUL 1983 tells the story of a dangerous journey through an empty world.

You play a long-haul truck driver trying to make their way home. Every day, you’ll hit the road, navigating treacherous highways, fleeing from menacing threats, and dealing with the psychological impacts of isolation.

And at the end of each day, you’ll find a payphone, make a call, and leave a message for the most important person in your life.

They never pick up. You never stop calling.

Using a deck of cards, a few dice, and a microphone, players will create an original narrative of resilience in the face of world-shifting catastrophe.

* * *

LONG HAUL 1983 IS...

A solo game, so you can play it by yourself, at your own pace

A roleplaying game, so you'll create, develop, and embody a character as you play

A storytelling game, so your choices will be driven by creativity, not strategy

A journaling game, so you'll end the game with a unique record of your experience to revisit and share

* * *


A unique single-player experience using evocative storytelling setups, embedded safety features, and branching endings

An original dice system that highlights peril and precarity

A 26-song soundtrack, including over 2.5 hours of the era's experimental ambient music, plus soul, jazz, pop, and punk tracks connected to specific in-game events

A gameplay and performance structure perfectly suited for actual play podcasts and streams

* * *


"A brilliant piece of work: in content, design, and layout."
Kevin Petker, designer of Princess World

"Visually striking, emotionally haunting - LONG HAUL 1983 compels me to write a story like no other solo RPG. The prompts feel electric and every small detail cohesively builds a worn world, where relentless danger and loneliness threaten to subdue you, but where your understated force of will gives strength to continue hoping beyond hope."
momatoes, game & graphic designer

"LONG HAUL 1983 offers an escape like no other — a playlist so expertly crafted that I can smell the asphalt and oil burning on a sunny day — evoking perfectly my new favourite super specific genre of road trip horror."
mv, screenwriter and game designer

* * *


30% of profits will support the First Nations' COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and the NDN Collective's LANDBACK Campaign.

20% will support the printing of physical community copies for classrooms, local libraries, and individuals.

50% will support the author.

Every purchase will contribute five digital community copies to the itch.io store.

* * *


When 10 copies are sold, we will upgrade to premium print and paper quality.

When 100 copies are sold, I will produce an official Long Haul 1983 audio book.

When 200 copies are sold, I will write & release a free game: "Rig," a standalone prequel to Long Haul 1983 using the Lost & Found SRD.

* * *

To purchase the PDF & learn even more about LONG HAUL 1983 -- reviews, recorded playthroughs, player discussions, etc. -- visit spc.itch.io/longhaul1983

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